Electronic privacy can usually be achieved by means of encryption. To make sure that private communications or files are not accessed by unauthorized persons, you have to make sure the line (or disk) is secure from snoopers.

    Encryption Basics
    Frequently asked questions and answers about encryption.

    Encryption Technology
    Different types of encryption algorithms, relative strength comparisons and just how strong is strong encryption.

    Encryption Cracking
    A lot of programs out there have very weak encryption that can be very easily broken by yourself never mind the government.

    Good Password Hygiene
    The security of your encrypted files and communications is very dependant upon your key. How to choose and use a secure pass phrase.

    Get PGP Now!
    Why you should be using pgp for your email and where you can download a copy anywhere in the world.

    How to Use PGP
    How to properly use pgp and securely encrypt your e-mail.

    Disk Encryption
    Strong encryption can be used to secure and keep private the contents of your computer hard drive, removeable disks and other files.

    File Wiping Utilities
    Files are not completly erased when you delete them and can in fact be very easily recovered. Files must be overwritten to securely delete sensitive files.

    SSL - Web Browser Encryption
    SSL allows you to have secure encrypted access to a web site or certain pages on a web site. Not all browers have strong encrpytion though, check yours and upgrade it today.

    SSH - Secure Shell
    Do you ever use telnet to access your email via pine? Did you know that everything you transmit between the computer your using and the server you are connecting to can be read by someone with the knowledge and equipment. Secure Shell is encrpytion that protects against this.

    Voice Encryption
    Several programs are available to use your computer and modem as a secure telephone, encrypting all communications as they are sent. Unfortunately they are only as secure as your surroundings. If an audio surveillance device just happens to be in the room where your computer is, it doens't matter how secure your computer voice transmissions are.

    Further Reading and Resources

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