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    Think about all the reasons that you are an activist. Probably you are active because you want to improve conditions for workers, animals and/or the environment - you want to fight injustice and oppression - you want to make the world a better place not controlled by government or corporate rule. Your reasons for becoming activist, however, probably don't include a desire to get arrested, have your home searched, and your life turned upside down.

    As activism heats up in North America and Europe, activist communities are starting to realize that unless they start taking proper precautions, many more people will end up in jail than already have. Law enforcement and multinational corporations have shown extreme interest in not only prosecuting activists - but prosecuting them to the fullest extents possible. This has meant longer-than-average jail sentences and more severe bail and probation conditions.

    Even activists who are not technically engaged in breaking the law should be versant on what we are up against as communities and how we can best deal with every-day security issues and threats. Activists must learn and practice safe & effective security practices in all aspects of their life.

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